Switch between private and public station


This is correlated to the GPS settings. Allow GPS access to see nearby public data. Switching GPS access off is displaying your own station, sublimented by readings of missing modules, taken from nearby stations. Furthermore, your indoor readings will appear.


Updating Data


The table is updated every time the app comes into the foreground or the GPS settings have been changed. Manual update can be forced by pulling the table down.





Switching between different charts


Report is providing charts of the previous 96 h:

  1. Pressure
  2. Temperature and dewpoint
  3. Relative humidity and specific humidity

 Switch to the chart by tapping the station readings in the outdoor fields above.




Opening the Map View


Just click on one of the map symbol to open the weather map. Please wait until all data have been received from Netatmo's database. This is a 1x job and could take between 1 and 20 seconds, depending on Netatmo's server performance. The number of stations taken into account for the given map window can be set in the preferences between 1024 and 2048 maximal. In general the lower station size is sufficient and results in similar overlays.


The raster of the overlay can be changed in the preferences, as well: "Fast rendering" will result in larger blocks. The information is the same, but the overlay is showing rasters instead of smooth transitions. This setting is recommended for older devices, like the iPad mini or iPhone 4.


Please note that the map is always calculated in-situ on your phone in the most efficient accuracy related to the map window. Therefore, smooth scrolling and zooming of the overview cannot be realized. That would require to mirror Netatmo's server data on your device. 


Changing Overlays


Several buttons are located on the bottom of the screen to switch between air pressure, temperature, dew point, humidity, wind speed and rain maps. Maps are calculated in-situ and renderer can be switched in the preferences between high and medium, depending on the device capability.





Adding a Bookmark


Open the web page in Safari and export it. The Netatmo extension should be visible in the lower line, close to "Bookmark" and "Favorites":




If not, scroll to the right and select "more". Than switch on "Netatmo pro". 


Once visible you will be asked to enter a title for your bookmark. Keep it free to cancel. 



Sorting Bookmarks


Simply drag and drop the bookmark after long touching it.



Deleting Bookmarks


Simply swipe them to the left.